Deborah Shlian featured author on Mystery Lovers Corner

Take a look at this month’s Mystery Lovers Corner and check out the interview with Deborah, co-author of my latest adventure Devil Wind. It’s only 2 more days until the official release of Devil Wind and I am so excited! Not only will the book be out in hardback and eBook, but Audiobook as well. Barbara Whitesides, famous radio talk show host, is the voice for the book and she is terrific!!

And please, let me know how you enjoy both Devil Wind and Dead Air. I love hearing from you!!!


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Fear as a Weapon

The heartbreaking tragedy in Arizona highlights the consequences of using fear and violence to manipulate behavior for political ends.   Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the attack, and our condolences to the families of those who were lost in that senseless and brutal assault.  Engendering fear and fomenting violence can inspire vulnerable or unbalanced individuals and groups to lash out at perceived targets–those who preach violence are as guilty as those who practice it.

“Devil Wind” due out in April, examines the consequences of using fear to manipulate politics, create terror, and risk innocent lives.  We must advocate for an end to war, not only abroad, but at home.

–Sammy Greene

Dead Air by Deborah Shlian & Linda Reid: why set the story on a college campus

People asked Deborah and Linda why they placed Dead Air, the story of an unethical medical research project, on a college campus. Here’s what the authors said in a recent interview:

“We were both physicians at UCLA and have spent much of our professional lives on campuses, gaining first-hand experience with medical centers and research. Because less public money has been available in recent years for clinical studies, universities have increasingly looked to corporate or private moneyed entities for funding. These relationships have the potential to create conflicts of interest, negatively affecting the mission, vision, and operations of these institutions. Researchers, like the fictitious Dr. Palmer in our novel, may compromise ethics to meet corporate goals and objectives. Sadly, we’ve seen how inaccurate and false results on several drug studies have actually harmed real patients. As one reviewer wrote, ‘Dead Air is eerily timely.'”

Check out more about Dead Air on my website. You can read Dead Air in hardback or eBook now. The audio version will be coming in a few months!



Devil Wind by Deborah Shlian & Linda Reid: Keep fear alive

Anyone who went to or watched today’s Washington, DC Rally for Sanity and/or Fear appreciates what Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are trying to say: when you inject fear into a society, all rationality disappears. Actor Sam Waterston read a poem by Stephen Colbert (I’ll try to get a copy) that essentially listed every possible imagined fear in one’s life: from dirt in the food you eat, to potential muggers, to terrorists, to STDs, to bears (Stephen’s worst fear) and on and on… The point is, it’s time to bring “reasonableness” back into public dialogue- especially after an election “season” that hit new lows in terms of negativity.

This is 2010, but ironically, Devil Wind by Deborah Shlian and Linda Reid, which takes place just before Y2K (2000), addresses this very issue. Read what happens when a rogue CIA operative tries to inject fear into the upcoming presidential election in an effort to influence the outcome.

Devil Wind will be out in hardback, eBook and audio in April, 2011. Check out my website for the countdown. As the time gets closer, you’ll be able to pre-order at a discount from Amazon. Bestselling authors, Donald Bain (Murder She Wrote), Gayle Lynds (Book of Spies), Dennis Palumbo (Murder Image), Susan Arnout Smith (Timer Game); nationally known radio talk show host, Barbara Whitesides and two-time Oscar winner for Hurt Locker, sound engineer, Paul Ottosson, all give the book a thumbs-up.

I can’t wait to hear what you think…


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