Dive Into “Sin Creek”!

Sammy: Hi, Sammy Greene live with author Susan Whitfield, creator of awesome Agent Logan Hunter.    Welcome, Susan, thanks for joining us.   Can you tell us about  about “Sin Creek”?  Sounds like Logan’s in some deep waters this time…

Logan Hunter in deep waters!

Susan: Sin Creek is a mystery/suspense novel and the fourth book in the Logan Hunter Mystery series. When a college student is brutally murdered and her body dumped miles from campus, Agent Logan Hunter investigates. She quickly learns that this emaciated freshman was selling herself to raise tuition, enjoying the rough and rowdy lifestyle and getting attention.  When Hunter questions the victim’s roommate and others, she learns that many of them have been involved in the seamy side of town, some unwittingly. As the investigation moves on, Logan dresses up in a maid costume and sneaks onto a porn ferry to have a look. What she learns unravels every nerve and she jumps into a life raft to make a hasty retreat. Unfortunately, her 4-inch heel punctures the raft and she spends the night on an alligator-infested island in the middle of the Cape Fear River.

Sammy: Wow.  I can’t wait to read the book.  I enjoy reading about strong women who get themselves in and out of trouble.   What inspired you to write “Sin Creek”?

Susan: Perhaps the letter I wrote to readers says it best:

Author Susan Whitfield

Dear Reader,

Inspiration for the book you’re holding in your hands is based on a repulsive truth I fashioned into fiction to raise awareness about the seamy side of some young lives, and the monetary lures that plunge far too many into Internet notoriety, terminal disease, and sometimes, violent death.  When I was a high school administrator, I asked a student of mine how her sister coped with college life. She told me her sister found a lucrative way to raise tuition and live “the high life.” What this student said next left me shaken, and I’ve never been quite the same since.  I went home that night and searched for information the student had casually given me, hoping to find no truth in what she said. I couldn’t have been more wrong! I still shiver that some among us are so willing to be part of the filthy underbelly that runs beneath many of our towns and cities. Research for this book challenged me to search my soul, and I stopped on many occasions not certain if I should continue. But someone needs to tell this story—as ugly and offensive as it may be. SIN CREEK is truly a work of fiction. However, the seed that started it is alive and spreading like a lethal dose of poison throughout society.

WARNING! This book contains sexually graphic scenes!  It is not meant to offend but to inform.

Sammy: So your characters and plots are based on real-life experiences?

Susan: As the letter indicates, the seed was planted, but the book is entirely fiction.

Sammy: What motivated you to become a writer?

Susan: I have been an avid reader since I was a small child. I love books, and have wanted to write since high school.

Sammy: And you’ve written several Logan Hunter books, right?

Susan: Yes.  Genesis Beach introduces Logan Hunter is a focused but sometimes bumbling investigative intern. She chases the wrong suspect for months and endures a tropical storm and a hurricane that destroys her old house on the beach. She befriends the victim’s chef, who shows up in the other books.

Just North of Luck finds Logan assigned to the Blue Ridge Mountains to stop a serial killer who’s targeting teachers. She joins forces with a local detective who introduces her to a testicle festival and her first taste of love.

Hell Swamp takes Logan back to her childhood home near Black River where she finds the gutted body of a woman strung up in Black River Plantation. An array of odd deer hunters are the prime suspects.

Sammy:  Sounds like you love mysteries.

Susan: The four finished books are all mystery. I am currently writing a contemporary fiction. I read all genres but my first love is…you guessed it…mystery. However, I am in the process of researching an ancestor of mine who was a Knight of the Bath. I hope to write an historical mystery about him.

Sammy: Sounds great.   I admire writers who try to make a difference in our world.  Who do you hope will especially enjoy Sin Creek?

Susan: The book is for adults of all ages.   Not sure they readers will “enjoy” the book as much as I hope they learn from it, or are at least aware that evil is out there waiting for the unsuspecting and naive.

Sammy: Where and when can readers find “Sin Creek”?   Will you be setting up any activities where readers can communicate with you?

Susan: Print copies of Sin Creek are available on my website, www.susanwhitfieldonline.com but ebooks and Kindle must be ordered from Amazon, Fictionwise, or Barnes and Noble. My next event is February 4-5, The Cape Fear Crime Festival in Wilmington, NC. I’m already posting on Facebook, Booktown, and other social media sites. I blog at www.susanwhitfield.blogspot.com

Sammy: Can you give us a heads up on your plans for the future?

Susan: I hope to be able to complete more Logan Hunter mysteries, maybe more contemporary fiction, and at least the one historical book. I continue to promote myself and others online and love to meet fans, readers, and fellow authors. I try to attend at least two large conferences per year.

Sammy: Well, I know folks will look forward to meeting you in person.  I’m afraid we’re out of time–thanks so much for coming on the show today.

Susan: Thank you so much for the interview. It’s been fun.

Sammy: Susan Whitfield author of the new novel, Sin Creek.  Number one on my reading list this week!


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  1. Mystery Lover
    Jan 27, 2011 @ 02:45:04

    All of the Logan Hunter books have been fast-paced and quirky. I look forward to getting a chance to read Sin Creek.


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