Dead Air by Deborah Shlian & Linda Reid: why set the story on a college campus

People asked Deborah and Linda why they placed Dead Air, the story of an unethical medical research project, on a college campus. Here’s what the authors said in a recent interview:

“We were both physicians at UCLA and have spent much of our professional lives on campuses, gaining first-hand experience with medical centers and research. Because less public money has been available in recent years for clinical studies, universities have increasingly looked to corporate or private moneyed entities for funding. These relationships have the potential to create conflicts of interest, negatively affecting the mission, vision, and operations of these institutions. Researchers, like the fictitious Dr. Palmer in our novel, may compromise ethics to meet corporate goals and objectives. Sadly, we’ve seen how inaccurate and false results on several drug studies have actually harmed real patients. As one reviewer wrote, ‘Dead Air is eerily timely.'”

Check out more about Dead Air on my website. You can read Dead Air in hardback or eBook now. The audio version will be coming in a few months!




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