Left Coast Crime Discoveries

Wow, just had an awesome weekend at Left Coast Crime.  Joined “Dead Air” author Linda Reid for two exciting panels on “Playing Nicely with Others”, i.e.  writing with a partner; and “Ivory Tower Mysteries”.  The last one especially resonated for me–considering all the mishegoss at Ellsford University I’ve been sleuthing.

Got a chance to meet some remarkable writers:  Jessica Fletcher’s writing partner Donald Bain, who’s written hundreds of top-notch mysteries, thrillers, and even prototypical chick-lit (Coffee, Tea, or Me!).  He and his wife write the Murder She Wrote series with Jessica.  They are both warm, wonderful people; extremely talented, and kind and generous, to boot.   Quite an honor!

Other highlights were meeting mystery author Don Bruns,  from the great Oceanview Publishing team, Ivory Tower mystery maven Joanne Dobson, panel leaders Lee Goldberg (Monk, Psych) and Michelle Gagnon, and best-selling writers Michael Connelly and Lee Child.  Mr. Connelly was very gracious when he and Linda chatted.

Talked briefly with Stephen J. Cannell, creator of Rockford Files and a number of other series and a hit mystery writer as well.   And spoke with Faye Kellerman and her family–who presented “An Hour with the Kellermans” to a packed house.

What an incredible experience.  Came home with a backpack full of books I can’t wait to read, now that I’ve started to love mysteries after “Dead Air”.

Going to see my Dad and Susan before I head back to Vermont.  And enjoy a bit of warm California sun!  ‘Later!


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