Dead Air Blasts-off!

Wow, what a blast!  Dead Air’s Blast-off Launch at the Mystery Bookstore in Westwood, California, just around the corner from UCLA, soared!  The charming book nook was packed with thriller-readers, mystery lovers, and Friends of Sammy!  Bobby and the Mystery Bookstore hosts were kind enough to provide sodas, and Deborah and Joel brought fine California wine to quench our thirst.  Carol baked–ach!–Blueberry Bagels (which, forgive me, Bubbe Rose) were delicious!  And, Linda cooked mouth-watering tiropites and spanakopita in honor of Chief Gus Pappajohn.  The baklava from Papacristo’s famed mid-town Greek taverna was also a great treat!

After the tasty appetizers were enjoyed, Deborah introduced the panel, which included our honored guest, radio talk-show star Barbara Whitesides, whose program on KFI, LA’s #1 talk station inspired both Deborah and Linda to write about Sammy Greene.  Barbara spoke about the evolution of talk-radio and the growth of women’s opportunities in the field over the last 20 years.  Sammy Greene owes a lot of her success to the doors opened by women pioneers in broadcasting, and salutes radio professionals and educators like Barbara who paved the way for “the Hot Line” at Ellsford University!

Deborah, Linda, and Sammy are grateful to Barbara and all our other dear friends and supporters who joined us to celebrate Sammy’s LA and national debut and get signed copies of “Dead Air”.  We all sincerely hope you love the tale of Sammy’s college adventures and share in the thrills and excitement 0f an edge-of-your-seat mystery!

Deborah and Linda are taking their show on the road–with stops at the Book Den in Santa Barbara, and Borders in Monterey.  More news as they check-in from the picturesque Pacific Coast.


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