Love Snow, Hate Snow Jobs

Tune in to WELL radio’s “Hot Line” this week to hear my three part report on Corruption on the Ellsford Campus.  Are public-private partnerships a boon to financially-strapped private schools? Or are the Ivies selling their academic souls to intrusive corporations to stay afloat?

Did you know that your exorbitant tuition doesn’t pay the full cost of studying at Ellsford?  That’s right–tens of thousands of bucks from each student aren’t nearly enough to pay for all the buildings, research labs, sports facilities, etc,… that you never see when you’re packed in a 300 seat auditorium for organic chemistry.  Your dollars aren’t worth as much as the money that comes from private industry to the college coffers.  We’ll explore the impact of these so-called collaborations on academic and research standards–and on you. 

The ivory tower has become a black market.

This week, on the “Hot Line”.


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